Palvi Masterbatches

Palvi Masterbatches


Palvi Masterbatches is an ISO-certified producer,supplier, and exporter of masterbatches. The company holds certifications inaccordance with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. They stock awide range of masterbatches, as well as a selection of fillers, additives, aswell as biodegradable paints, in addition to the former two categories. PalviMasterbatches, a company that has been operating continuously since 1995, isdedicated to providing the plastics processing industry with exceptional goods. 

All types of masterbatches are crafted using thehigh-torque Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders that we have in our manufacturingfacility. When a manufacturing line is equipped with twin screw extruders, itis possible for there to be no downtime, and operators have greater controlover factors such as torque, temperature, feed rate, and many more. The factthat Twin Screw Extruders have separate components that are responsible forkneading, mixing, as well as conveying motions is what makes these machines soefficient at making masterbatches of constant and high quality. Moreover, atPALVI, every machine is exclusively employed in the production of a singleproduct at a time. Because of this, we are able to select the appropriatemachine and precisely configure the components in order to obtain the desiredlevel of loading and quality. The benefits of increased productivity, improvedmanagement, decreased waste, and decreased total expenses are all things thatwe are happy to pass on to our clients. 

PALVI devotes a great deal of effort to learn abouteach customer's unique technological requirements. We have invested in blowmoulding, injection moulding, a BCF/POY/FDY yarn drawing pilot plant, a pilotplant of 3 layered co-extrusion film, as well as other similar facilities, sothat we may test the sample and qualify our masterbatches for the applicationbefore we offer them to our clients. 

Moreover, all the raw materials bought are subjectedto a strict policy of zero tolerance. This is why we are so careful about wherewe get our raw materials from. Each and every one of your raw materials must beinside a tight tolerance range that you've set before they can pass inspectionand be used in production. on-site access to a quality control lab that ranks amongthe industry's most advanced facilities.


By prioritising maintaining steady growth, productinnovation, as well as continually exceeding the expectations of our clients,we intend to become the industry standard supplier of Masterbatches.



We make an effort to give respect toeach other and treat one another with dignity at all times, and we promote anenvironment that is creatively stimulating and warmly inviting for all of ourstaff members.


Individuals are strongly encouragedto assume ownership of their work and approach it with a positive attitude.


When it comes to the management ofour company, we hold ourselves to the greatest ethical and moral standardspossible.


Because we work together as a team,we are all equally responsible to care about everyone's health, the environmentas well as ourselves.


We attach a significant amount ofimportance to the relationships we have with our various stakeholders, and we makeit a point to consistently surpass their expectations.


Our extensive background in both the manufacturing andretail industries, together with our in-depth knowledge of the masterbatchindustry, makes us a formidable competitor in this space. We provide ourcustomers with a wide selection of polypropylene masterbatches, some of whichinclude white masterbatches, PP non-woven applications masterbatches, UVmasterbatches, black masterbatches, additives masterbatches, as well as colourmasterbatches. All of these are available for purchase. We take great pleasure inour capacity to supply cutting-edge product solutions in addition to goods ofthe best possible quality that are delivered in a timely manner. We are happywith the development that our company has made and with our ability to satisfythe ever-evolving requirements of our clients.

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