akums dpl

akums dpl


  Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd has 10state-of-the-art facilities well equipped to manufacture all types ofpharmaceutical products. Akums stands tall in the pharma industry with over 650FSSAI approvals and over 900 ‘New Drug Approvals’ from DCGI. Besides offeringworld-class products to its partner companies, it also provides clientservicing on the global stage. Akums serves its partners with comprehensiveproduct solutions including regulatory approvals & support, nanosized drugdelivery systems (NDDSs), novel packaging, and a lot more. Instead of restrictingits activities to CMO, Akums pioneered the Contract Research and ManufacturingServices (CRAMS) trend in the Indian pharmaceutical business. Pre-formulation,formulation development, stabilities studies, method development, and productpermissions from the DCGI are among the services provided by Akums.

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